About T&N

History and the T&N Mission

T & N was founded in 1992 by four partners aiming to make a difference in the Delaware Valley region. With 80 years of combined experience, they knew they had what it takes to build a business that gets it done right and ensures customer satisfaction every time.


Family Owned, Customer Focused

We’re a family-owned company with roots that go back three generations. Over the years, we’ve built a demonstrated record of responsive service and fair pricing for the hundreds of corporate customers that we serve.

As an independent moving company, we know the buck always stops here. In fact, we believe that it’s our obligation to ensure our customers’ satisfaction – not just some of the time, but every time.

That’s why we’ve put together the best organization in the business with a record of growth and success that is the commercial relocation industry’s envy.

The T&N Mission

T&N Van Service endeavors to be the best provider of commercial relocations services in the Delaware Valley region. These services include commercial moving, warehousing, transportation, and specialized freight handling. Our areas of expertise include laboratory, bank, office, and electronic equipment. In striving to reach this goal, the well-trained and highly experienced T&N Van Service employees will always work to the best of our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our Team

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Why Use T&N?

  • Experience


    T&N’s staff is highly experienced, averaging 20+ years of providing high-quality solutions in the commercial services marketplace. Our managers, admin staff, sales reps, and project managers comprise the regions’ most experienced move services professionals.

    But our crews on the job are what truly sets T&N above the competition. With a combined 600+ years in the commercial moving industry, our crews have the expertise that can only be gained through years of experience delivering the highest quality services to our many clients.

  • Commitment


    From the first contact with T&N, you will receive the high level of attention you deserve. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the professional service required to complete your project on time and on budget, no matter what it takes.

    We pride ourselves on taking ‘ownership’ of the task at hand and doing whatever we need to ensure the work is successfully completed. T&N’s ‘team’ oriented approach means you are not relying on any individual. Our over 25-year-old company works as a team to get the job done as promised.

  • Integrity


    T&N takes great pride in earning your trust as well as your business. We treat you in a professional manner that reflects the importance of your business to us. This starts with how we propose to provide the solutions to complete your project. Our proposals are built upon our best estimates of the staffing and time required, not on quoting an unrealistic, low ball price. We start by discussing the scope of work and how you want the work performed.

    Once we understand what you need, we prepare a plan specific to your project. We then work with you step by step to make certain each required action is fully understood and then professionally executed. With T&N, additional charges and higher than expected invoices are the exceptions, not the norm.

Partners and Member Organizations

Office Moving Alliance

As a member of the Office Moving Alliance, T&N offers the same high-level services across the country and worldwide.

In the past year, T&N has executed dozens of relocation projects for clients in over 20 states.

Avoid the risk of working with unknown companies to handle your projects. Depend on T&N to deliver high-quality project solutions in all your company’s locations.

Total Project Solutions

Total Project Solutions

Formed in 2017 to be the area successor to Hooke Installations, Total Project Solutions works together with T&N to provide a full array of furniture project services.

From receiving and storing product at our warehouse until the site is ready, our union Carpenter crews, T&N and TPS deliver Solutions Made Easy through transporting and inside delivery and installation.